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GroupSolidPay: $147.50 in 12 June

MyTradeFx: $286.80 in 12 June

QuantExpress: $130 in 12 June

RoyalStability: $15 in 12 June


MyTradeFx 385%

GroupSolidPay 378%

QuantExpress 101%

RoyalStability 55%

GroupSolidPay screenshotMyTradeFx screenshot


MyPayingTree: $21 in 12 June


MyPayingTree 95%

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Deposit insurance program!

Projects with the insurance fund from

Deposit Insurance Program from

The program of insurance of contributions from InvestHere with a common fund.

InvestHere offers a compensation fund for losses in projects that are on our website. Projects for which a general compensation fund has been allocated can be found in the list of insured projects, indicating the amount of the fund.

In order to be eligible for compensation, you need to be our referral in the project to which the compensation fund is aware.

At the same time you have the right to full refback, there are no restrictions. Simply register on our referral link in the project with a common fund and make a deposit.

Important: Only those deposits that were made after the publication of the news about the allocation of the fund for this project are eligible for compensation.

In the case of a project SCAM, expect news from our monitor about applying for compensation with all conditions.

Example of payment and calculation of the amount of compensation:

The compensation fund is 1000 USD, the amount is divided between all the participants. 5 active partners made deposits of 600 USD, 400 USD, 200 USD, 300 USD and 500 USD. We divide the fund for all participants and the amount of payment of compensation: 300 USD, 200 USD, 100 USD, 150 USD and 250 USD respectively.

Important: Take into account the absolute losses on deposits made after the announcement of the news about the allocation of compensation fund (Deposit amount – RCB - Amount withdrawn from project).

How to get compensation:

Wait for news on the InvestHere website or on our InvestHere news channel in a Facebook, about moving the project to the SCAM section.

Fill in the application for compensation in the form indicated below (see at the bottom of the page)

The application must be submitted no later than 48 hours after the official announcement of the SCAM project on the portal of our HYIP monitor. In case of failure to comply with this period, the right to payment of compensation is canceled.

After the implementation of this instruction, the amount of compensation will be sent to you at the purse, in time, according to the rules of deposit insurance for this project.

We value honesty. In case of fraudulent actions by the user who participates in the insurance program (providing not true information about the amount of the deposit, the amount of absolute losses, the date of registration, etc.), the administration has the right to request supporting data (screenshots, receipts, etc.). If your actions are fraudulent, InvestHere has the right to refuse compensation.

A huge request to write about receiving insurance compensation in the themes of our HYIP monitor on forums and social networks. This method of information provides an opportunity to attract new users and positively affects the number of projects that participate in the insurance program, the amount of insurance and the timing of its payment.

In case of constant disregard of our requests for writing reviews on the forums, about the payment of insurance compensation, the InvestHere administration reserves the right to refuse to pay compensation in favor of other, more responsible participants.


Apply for insurance to our email with the following details:
Name of project: example
Login in the project: example paul
Your E-mail: example
Date of deposit: example 06/03/2018
Deposit Amount: example $100
Value rcb received of us: example $3
Amount of payments from the project: example $50
Your wallet: example U1234567
Login to example paul
Link image dashboard of your account: example, get in